An ode to Italian elegance, woven with masterful craftsmanship for those seeking the perfect balance between timeless style and impeccable comfort. Discover our collection and let yourself be enveloped by the quality that makes a difference.

PIRANDA CLOTHES, a prestigious manufacturer of socks and other items, represents the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship, successfully expanding its presence in both Italian and international markets. Our reputation among the leading buyers in the sector is built on fundamental pillars: product quality, continuous process innovation, utmost reliability in order fulfillment, enhancement of Made in Italy, and highly specialized labor. We offer a wide range of socks, including cashmere, cotton, wool, and terry, ensuring excellent value for money. We can meet every need with different knitting fineness (48, 96, 120, 144, 156, 160, 168, 200, 240), various types of yarns, and an endless possibility of designs and color combinations. We produce classic, technical, compression socks, and much more, always in the name of the best craftsmanship.