MADE IN SOLUZIONI the leading sock and underwear manufacturer, knows the Made in Italy manufacture and craftsmanship and develops its potentialities on the Italian and foreign markets. Attention to product quality, continuous process innovation, valorisation of Made in Italy, high specialized manpower, all of them are the values on which we have built our own reputation as qualified producer. Cashmere Socks, Cotton Socks, Woolen Sock, Sponge Socks: we are able to satisfy every kind of need of our customers with excellent value for money. According to the needs of our customers we can produce socks with different knitting qualities (48 96 120 144 156, 160, 168, 200, 240 needles) with every kind of yarn and an endless variety of designs and color combinations. Classic stockings, technical stockings, compression stocking etc etc, we are able to satisfy any request of our customers under the best Made in Italy manifacture.

PIRANDA-CLOTHES is the new brand owned by Made In Soluzioni, an outcome of a young businessman who wished to meld an intriguing concept and know-how based on Italian and foreign market and made in Italy knowledge. Piranda Clothes, wants to be synonymous of craftsmanship, quality and elegance in the production and manufacture of stockings, underwear and men’s clothing. The products are designed for a young, dynamic, unisex, committed and ever-moving target that needs a functional and adaptable accessory during all times of the day, both in work and in leisure time.


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