Rules on how to match men’s stockings?

Regole su come abbinare le calze da uomo?

Rules on how to match men’s stockings?

An elegant man who is always attentive to the details, takes care of the details of his clothing. These are small things that make the difference, and among them, the matching of the stockings to the rest of the clothing should also be considered.

Combining socks is a particular important in a man’s look and if matching is done with taste, note!

Mainly the color of the socks, it matches the shoes, but at the same time the color of the pants and the jacket.

To get a good fit, you just have to be available in your closet, black stockings, dark blue and dark gray.

With these three shades, you can easily combine everything you have in the wardrobe without too much effort; In addition, the choice of solid stockings remains the most elegant.

If you prefer fantasy socks, you can choose to match the color of the tie or shirt by playing with the colors; For example, choose a fancy stocking with Bordeaux details that you can match the color of the tie, or colored striped socks that resume the shirt colors, or even match off stockings with the clutch, as long as they are reserved for informal occasions only.

The only color to be avoided for a men’s stocking is white. White socks should never be worn, and not sporting, but they must be short and strictly sponge.

When choosing men’s stockings, any color or fantasy you have decided to buy, you also carefully choose the type of fabric. Lighter materials such as Scotland’s cotton or thread are thinner and avoid the leg-buckling effect.

Heavier materials such as wool should be reserved for particularly cold and not too formal days. One last tip is to always prefer elasticated stockings that have better grip around the calf and do not fall down easily.

A man’s stocking is of the right length when it comes to covering the calf, excluded as said for the socks.

The use of a man’s fancy stocking is very much in vogue, but in formal occasions or in situations where minimal elegance is required, the men’s stocking must be uniform.