Men’s stockings: choose and match them


Men’s stockings: choose and match them

As a general rule as the tie should harmonize with your shirt, jacket and your face, the socks should be tied mainly to the lower part of your body, so with your shoes and pants.

In fact, socks can also coat with the color of your tie, your shirt, or your shirt.

You can make a classic match, so that the color of the socks agrees with shoes, pants, or you can make more fashion matching, matching your socks to the color of the tie, shirt or mesh.

Not to choose too thick socks, choose a composition made of cotton yarn and viscose because they do not thicken the leg.

Men's stockings

Classic socks

Classic Matching:

Classic matching is the easiest and most adaptable, as it is a perfect system for any occasion: from work, to leisure, to special occasion, to the ceremony

If you’re all dressed in blue, your shoe will have to be black or brown dark brown and your socks in both cases (that is, black and brown shoes) will have to be very dark blue.

If you are gray, your shoes may be black or black, the socks should be dark dark gray.

But if you wear a blue jacket with a beige trouser and a brown shoe, the stocking should be as dark blue as the jacket.

If your jacket is also beige as your pants, your shoes will have to be brown and this is the only case you can put on a brown stocking as long as the pants and jacket are darker.

Men's stockings

socks fashion

Fashion Matching:

If you want to give your look a touch of extra style, it does not necessarily have to be in color, but it may also be a striped fantasy or call the color of the tie, for example:

Plain tie and striped stockings or small designs of the same color on a dark background (gray, blue, brown)

Fantasy necktie and tie tie color.

Uniform colored jersey and fantasy striped stockings.

Matching with the shirt is only valid if the shirt is dark, for example: blue, purple, gray, black or anyway if it is of an intense color, it is not good to match light stockings if your shirt is clear in this case stick to the Color of the shoe and pants.