Clothes and underwear men

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Clothes and underwear men

The new collection of polo and underwear is dedicated to all men who want to keep up with the latest trends, find out all about

Productions MadeIn Solutions with its brand-new dedicated piranda-clothes for the new collection, has created a selection of casual and versatile underwear, boxers and socks. The underwear collection of piranda clothes is absolutely not to be missed.

Polo shirt: Back in the center of the scene, the classic Polo shirt, this ultra-lightweight shirt season, to match classic pants with the fold as an excellent alternative to the shirt. Another season trend sees words and phrases printed, embroidered or hand-painted on clothes.

Sandals: One of the trends of the spring / summer season 2017 is represented by the pair of sandal, gladiator or strap and socks, in contrasting shades, from unrolling up to half calf.

Nuance tenui: The colors most in vogue in men’s fashion this season are the delicate ones, such as celestial, green, yellow and pink, that permeate dresses, jackets, shirts, accessories and shoes. Green, in particular, was chosen as the spring / summer 2017 color.

Camouflage: For the intrepid and adventurous and passionate street style, the camouflage fantasy is back in the scene, perfect for combining jeans.

Contemporary explorer and traveler style, the theme of travel and adventure covers many collections, parachute tracks, hiking boots, parachute jogging trousers and diving boots, field jackets and explorer multitask trousers.